On Time Delivery Services - same-day delivery in the Twin Cites metropolitain area of Minnesota

Our Services

handheld devide How does On-Time maintain its stellar record for timely delivery? By combining a number of resources into one winning combination. By merging dedicated customer service with state-of-the-art technology, On Time creates the most courteous, professional, experienced and reliable couriers available. On Time's customer service specialists not only help clients determine what method of delivery best fits their situation, they also listen to clients in order to learn ways to improve service. The company also holds quarterly meetings with drivers in order to discuss ways service can be improved.

On Time offers a variety of ways to make sure your package gets where it needs to be.

Learn more about our services:

Courier Service

Our highly-trained, professional and courteous drivers are available 24/7 for your delivery needs.

Dock Truck

As part of our courier services, we have dock truck vehicles available for your delivery needs.

Scheduled Service

We provide regularly scheduled delivery of time-sensitive packages.

Medical Delivery

We are equipped to handle the delivery of medical supplies and equipment, including pharmaceuticals and lab work.

Legal Courier

We are equipped to handle legal service requests, including notarizing signatures, Summons & Complaints, and courthouse fillings.

Fleet Management

Need a delivery fleet? Use a dedicated fleet of our drivers and vehicles to meet your needs, without the overhead costs of an in-house system.

Long Term Care

Customized delivery of pharmaceuticals, lab samples, and supplies

Bike Service

In downtown Minneapolis, we offer guaranteed bicycle courier service with service levels as low as 15-minutes.