On Time Delivery Services - same-day delivery in the Twin Cites metropolitain area of Minnesota

Legal Courier Services

During the past year On Time Delivery has completed over 15,000 legal service requests ranging from serving Summons & Complaints to executing courthouse filings and notarizing signatures via our mobile notary service. On Time's legal couriers are knowledgeable, proficient, professional and resourceful.

Our process servers are trained extensively in regards to the rules of effectuating service upon individuals (at work or abode), corporations and law offices. We effectuate service properly and expeditiously.

Since On Time's inception 20 years ago we have maintained that we effectuate process service requests in a shorter period of time than any other process service company. We offer immediate service (within 2 hr.) and regular service (sameday but greater than 2 hrs.) You be the judge. The average time it takes On Time to serve immediate process service requests and regular process service requests is 69 minutes and 98 minutes respectively. Do you think your process server completes your requests this quickly?

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